Overview of White Swan's API

White Swan's API offers a powerful and flexible way to build custom applications that interface with the life insurance industry and its array of products. By leveraging our brokerage platforms API, partners can bypass the complexities of life insurance and offer seamless digital buying experiences with high best-interest standards. Our White Swan's industry experts handle the life insurance operations and administration, creating a low-effort revenue stream to compliment your existing offerings.

Key Features of Our API:

  • REST-based: Our API is well-documented and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth integration process.

  • Free to use: Our API is completely free for Partners. There are no hidden charges like set-up, volume, or maintenance fees.

  • Industry Leading Product Access: White Swan provides multi-carrier and multi-product access across all policy types and solution types.

  • Powered by Industry Experts: Each case processed with White Swan has an industry expert assigned to manage case operations and administration.

  • Zapier Integration: For those looking for a simpler integration method, our API is also available through Zapier.

This Section Covers:

  • A concise guide on how to get started and set up Authentication for our API.

  • An overview of our data formatting standards to ensure a hassle-free implementation.

  • An in-depth exploration of the Webhooks you can establish to receive programmatic data on events associated with your White Swan account.

  • Detailed information on the endpoints available for Action Calls and Information Calls, enabling you to transmit and receive data from White Swan programmatically.

Additional Resources

  • For those looking for quick integrations and automations, consider our Zapier integration.

  • Need inspiration? Explore our Example Use Cases to see various ways to implement the API.

  • For any assistance or queries, please reach out to our Partnership team. If there's a specific functionality you'd like to see added to the API, you can request it here.

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