Tracking Earnings

For our partners, understanding and monitoring earnings is paramount. White Swan offers a comprehensive and transparent system to ensure you're always in the loop:

  1. Accessing the Earnings Page: Once earnings have been activated for an account, admins can easily track them via the 'Earnings' page. This page is conveniently located in the top menu for quick access.

  2. Earnings Overview: The page provides a holistic view of your earnings over time. This includes earnings from referring end clients and from introducing other partners to the White Swan platform.

  3. Detailed Earnings Log: Dive deep into the specifics with the earnings log. This feature offers detailed insights into all earnings events, including amounts, associated clients or partners, and the corresponding invoices.

  4. Breakdown by Team Member: To facilitate any internal revenue distribution, partners can view a breakdown of earnings per team member.

  5. Understanding Earnings Events: Earnings events can be categorized by their event names:

    • Closed Case: This event is triggered when a policy is issued to a referred end-user. While the entire expected earnings for the case are credited to your account, the actual payment is contingent on White Swan receiving compensation from the carrier. This typically aligns with premium payments over the first year, be it monthly or annually.

    • Referred Partner Earning: Occurs when an end-user, referred by a partner you introduced to White Swan, has a policy issued. Similar to the 'Closed Case' event, the credited amount awaits White Swan's compensation receipt from the carrier.

    • Paid Compensation: This event covers each payment made to partners and is accompanied by a credit invoice.

  6. Integration with Other Tools: For partners who utilize other tools for accounting, payroll, or data management, White Swan offers seamless integration. Earnings can be synced using our Zapier Earnings Event Trigger and our APIs Earnings Event Webhook.

By providing a clear and detailed earnings tracking system, White Swan ensures partners have all the information they need to manage and optimize their revenue streams effectively.

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