Navigating the application process for life insurance can often be daunting. At White Swan, we've simplified this journey, offering two convenient methods: over a call with the client success manager, or online. Here's what you need to know:

Data Security is Paramount: Insurance applications contains sensitive information, and is treated differently than other platform data. We store application data separately, inaccessible to referring partners and with enterprise grade security in compliance with HIPAA & SOC 2 standards.

One Form, Multiple Carriers: To expedite the process and provide flexibility, we've designed a general application form. This form can be utilized to submit applications across various insurance carriers, which saves times in cases where additional product may be applied for to achieve better results.

Prefilled Applications for Efficiency: Time is of the essence. To speed up the application process, our platform allows for applications to be prefilled with client data from partners through our Zapier and API integration, specifically using the 'Create Pre-Fill Information' action.

Comprehensive Data Collection: Our application delves deep to ensure we have a holistic understanding of the applicant. It encompasses:

  • Personal details of the insured person

  • Owner's personal details

  • Details of primary and contingent beneficiaries

  • Information on existing policies and potential replacements

  • Financial background

  • Additional lifestyle and health history questions

Flexibility and Convenience: We recognize that life can be unpredictable. That's why our applications can be saved and resumed at any point. If users prefer, they can have the client success manager fill out the form, and if the referring partner has provided pre-fill information it can expedite the process even further, ensuring a seamless application experience.

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