Creating/Managing Webhooks

Webhooks provide a powerful way to receive real-time data updates from White Swan directly to your applications. By setting up webhooks, you can ensure that your systems are always in sync with the latest events happening in your White Swan account.

Setting Up Webhooks

  1. Log in to your White Swan Partner account.

  2. Navigate to the partner integrations page within your White Swan dashboard. This is accessible via the header menu.

  3. From the API widget, select Configure Webhooks.

  4. Select Create Webhook to create a new webhook.

  5. In the popup window, provide the URL for the webhook. Additionally, you can select the specific events you wish to subscribe to.

The URL you specify is the destination where our API will send payloads for each event you've subscribed to. Ensure that this endpoint is set up to receive and process POST requests.

Managing Your Webhooks

After setting up, all your webhooks will be displayed in a list format under the "Configure Webhooks" section. Each entry will have options to edit or delete.

  • Editing: If you need to make changes to a webhook, simply click on the edit button corresponding to that webhook.

  • Deleting: If a webhook is no longer in use or if you've made an error, you can easily delete it using the delete button.

Best Practices: While you have the flexibility to create multiple webhooks, it's a good idea to keep your webhook list organized. Use different URLs for distinct events if necessary. Regularly review your webhooks and remove any that are no longer in use to ensure optimal performance.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate White Swan's real-time event data into your systems, enhancing automation and ensuring data consistency across platforms.

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