Introduction to White Swan for Partners

White Swan for Partners is a digital brokerage platform that empowers financial services companies to easily offer any life insurance products through a digital experience that is embeddable, integratable, and adheres to high best-interest standards.

Through our platform, businesses can complement existing offerings with life insurance solutions and create a revenue stream with a fully outsourced insurance platform that makes traditionally complex products easy to access and offer.

Why White Swan for Partners? The life insurance industry is a technology laggard that is highly complex and hard to operate in. Most existing providers are either lacking in digital, hassle-free experiences or, lacking in high best-interest standards by offering only a limited selection of products.

White Swan solves this problem with a flexible digital platform that you can use to offer virtually all types of life insurance products, with the highest best-interest standards, supported by industry experts.

By partnering with White Swan, you can offer a premium, compromise-free experience for getting any type of life insurance from top carriers, without handling any process other than marketing.

What to Expect in This Overview:

Keep in mind that this overview excludes more advanced topics such as Embedding White Swan, using our Zapier Integration, or using Our API, which is covered in their own sections.

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