Quick Start Guide

Watch a video tutorial (3 minutes) as a step-by-step guide to embedding White Swan on your website/app.

Setup Directions:

  1. Log in to your White Swan Partner account.

  2. From your Partner dashboard, select General Pages or Product Specific Pages to locate the page you want to embed.

  3. Select </> Embed for your chosen page.

  4. From the popup menu, select Embed Settings to customize the background color and font to match your website/app.

For custom fonts, ensure you upload both a regular and a bold version of your font. To easily locate local fonts, utilize Font Book on Macs or Fonts in the control panel on Windows. We support various font formats, including woff2, woff, eot, svg, otf, and ttf. For optimal performance, use woff2 fonts if available.

  1. Press Copy Embed Code.

  2. Visit your website/app editor Paste the embed code in an HTML element. We recommend placing the embed below a header that is consistent with your website's other pages. Additional content, such as a footer, may be included below the embed if desired.

Platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow, or Wix allow for code insertion using elements labeled "Custom HTML", "Custom Code", or "Code Block". For platforms with an option to "Display as an iFrame", such as Bubble.io, choose this option.

  1. Publish the the embed changes in your website editor.

  2. After the embed feature is live, link to the embedded page from your homepage, product pages, marketing funnels, and blogs/social media.

🎉 Huzzah! Your embed is complete! For a more tailored experience, you can create custom embeds with our API and/or Zapier integration.

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