Integrate With App/Website Builders

In today's digital landscape, offering a consistent and tailored brand experience can significantly enhance business outcomes and client satisfaction. With Zapier's vast integration capabilities, you can seamlessly incorporate White Swan into various app and website builders, ensuring a unique life insurance journey for your users. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, our public API is also available.

Zapier offers integrations with a multitude of app and website builders, including, Webflow, and Adalo. For a comprehensive list of supported platforms, click here.

Zapier Template: Here is a template for the first example use case, Start a Custom Case within Your Product Flow, which can be adapted for the other use cases.

Example Use Cases:

Starting a Custom Case within Your Product Flow

  • Objective: Seamlessly integrate a White Swan custom case experience within your app or website, offering a tailored experience for any type of plan.

  • How it Works: This is generally triggered by a specific action within your app. It then utilizes the Start a Plan Request action, which returns a URL that can be returned to your website and embedded directly. You can also set it up to return a White Swan hosted URL which you can link out to from your app/website.

  • Customization Options: By customizing the Start a Plan Request action, you can pass along information collected in your app, streamlining the experience for your users. You can also standardize certain plan design choices, offer distinct packages to structure your offerings, set up a turbo request for a more expedited process, and more.

Submitting a Complete Plan Request

  • Objective: Obtain a personal plan for a client without them ever experiencing the plan request process. Ideal for creating ultra-streamlined and bespoke experiences where a lot of information is available or collected in a custom-built way from digital experiences, calls, or physical meetings with your clients.

  • How it Works: This approach demands more inputs than merely starting a plan request but ensures a smoother client journey. If you don't have enough data but don't want clients to go through the plan request experience, your sales team can use the Start a Plan Request action and complete the request on the client's behalf.

Pre-Filling Applications with Existing Client Data

  • Objective: Enhance your client's experience by leveraging pre-existing client data, reducing application drop-offs and fostering a more positive client experience.

  • How it Works: Start by a New Plan Request trigger, use the email to fetch information from your app's database or other data repositories like CRMs or business intelligence systems and then use the Create Pre-Fill Information action to pass that information to White Swan to allows us to use it to pre-fill parts of the Application for the plan. Ensure all necessary information is provided in a single action.

Crafting a bespoke client experience has never been easier. If you have the need for additional features or support, don't hesitate to Submit a Feature Request to our White Swan for Partners team or schedule a call with us. We're here to support your business's growth and success.

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