Digital Agent Plan

The digital agent plan is a plan that allows insurance agents and agencies to use the White Swan platform for free and collect full agent compensation while writing and servicing business themselves.


This plan is free to use through White Swan affiliated contracting channels (eg. BGAs/IMOs), where White Swan maintains a portion of the override earned by the contracting partner.

The digital agent plan runs on an open model that supports contracting from several BGAs with varying levels of operational support and commission schedules.

We are constently expanding our list of contracting partners for the digital agent plan, so if you're not happy with our current selection we might be able to work with your existing contracting channel next.


Through the digital agent plan you collect full agent commissions and renewals. The commission schedule varies by contracting channel, carrier, product, and product design.


The digital agent plan allows you to leverage the full functionality of the platform and to have agents support and interact with clients throughout their experience.

Unlike the concierge plan, it is your responsibility to process cases, which may involve tasks like client conversations, custom cases and quoting, follow up, application and underwriting processing, delivery processes, in-force servicing, and policy exchanges when needed.

Certain parts of these tasks could be supported by the contracting partner, but in general, you will be the writing and servicing agent on the business you write.

Optionally, you can decrease operational burdens by outsourcing certain product lines to a White Swan affiliated agent, for example more complex permanent policies such as variable universal life.

Who this plan is for

The digital agent plan is the perfect choice for the modern life insurance agency who wants to take their sales process to the next level.

While being the perfect choice for an independent agency, White Swan can also be configured for captive agencies.

It may also be a good choice for financial advisors such as wealth managers, private bankers, and family offices who are writing larger or more life insurance business and want to maximize their revenues.

Generally, these types of company's enjoy the digital agent plan:

  • Independent Insurance Agencies

  • Captive Insurance Agencies

  • Wealth Managers, Private Bankers, Family Offices

  • Insurtechs/Fintechs

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