Customizing Pages

White Swan's platform is designed to be as adaptable as your business needs it to be. With a plethora of customization options available, you can tailor the experience to best fit your brand and your client's preferences.

This page shows basic customization options, and more advanced customization is available via our Zapier integration, our API, as well as our embedded functionalities.

To customize pages, press the settings button on the page you want to customize from your dashboard. Here's a breakdown of the customization possibilities:

Experience Customization:

  • Custom Welcome Screen: Infuse your brand's voice by opting for a custom welcome page. Personalize the welcome screen with your chosen headline, subtext, and imagery.

  • Sample Policy Presentation: Before clients request a personal plan, they encounter a sample policy presentation. Opt for a 'simple' style that offers a straightforward headline and subtext overview of a policy type, or a 'rich' style. The rich style showcases visualizations of sample plans, allowing clients to gauge potential outcomes based on different premium budgets or death benefit needs. This immersive experience is further enriched with sections emphasizing our extensive product range and commitment to best-interest standards.

  • Contact Information Collection: Choose when to collect client contact details - either upfront upon page visit or only when they initiate a plan request. While an upfront approach might lead to higher drop-offs, it may help you capture more valuable lead data, which can be synced with other tools via Zapier Triggers or API Webhooks.

  • Custom Success Redirect: After clients complete their personal plan request, redirect them to a specific page on your website. This can be an opportunity to cross-sell other services, products, or further nurture your client relationships.

  • Cobranding the Experience: You can choose whether you want the page to be co-branded with your company name or whether it should only be White Swan branded.

Communication Preferences:

  • Case Communication: Determine the communication flow related to a case. Decide if notifications should go to both you and your client, just you, or solely to your client, ensuring you maintain the desired level of control over client interactions.

  • Case Follow-up: Opt for a follow-up mechanism where we engage with the client for up to 30 days after sending the personal plan. This proactive approach can significantly boost conversion rates for your account.

  • User Association: Specify which team member on your account should be associated with the page. This individual will be the primary recipient of communications for cases initiated via the page. Moreover, any earnings stemming from referrals through this page will be associated with this user.

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