Guided vs Quick Quote Flow

Two different types of end-user experiences are available for offering life insurance: the Guided Flow and the Quick Quote Flow.

The Guided Flow

The guided flow is the original White Swan flow and is described through the next chapters in this section of the docs.

This flow features an educational, intuitive, and beautifully designed experience that takes the user through each consideration of a well designed life insurance solution, just like a top agent would.

This flow is available in two version - one for general pages which

It is a full page, immersive experience, and can be used off-the-shelf as a White Swan hosted page or white-labeled and embedded inside your own websites or apps.

The Quick Quote Flow

The quick quote flow is the fastest way to get a quote and apply for any term or permanent policy.

The quick flow is built to be lightweight and provide a way to allow users to get a quote in under a minute, see details and compare alternatives, and apply all within one session.

The quick quote is available for both individual policy types

The quick quote flow is a small element that can be white labeled and embedded into any landing page or product page. It can also be accessed as a standalone, White Swan hosted page.

Not all policies are available for instant quoting. To allow clients access to policies beyond those available instantly, both the quick quote flow and the guided flow provides the option of requesting a custom quote.

Comparison & Optimal Use Case

The guided flow and the quick quote flow each come with their own advantages and disadvantages which makes theme suitable for different use cases.

While the guided flow is a lot more educational and covers a wider range of policy customization options, it also takes a longer time to complete than the quick quote flow.

While the quick quote flow allows users to get a very quickly and can more easily be fit into any landing page or product page, it covers less details and is less educational than the guided flow.

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