Overview of Wealthbox Integration

Wealthbox is a modern CRM built for wealth managers and financial advisors. Our integration with Wealthbox empowers wealth managers to seamlessly offer any type of life insurance products to their clients with high best-interest standards and advanced planning support through a digital end-user experience.

Complementing existing offerings with life insurance products allows wealth managers to stay competitive and doing so through White Swan allows them to provide a superior client experience which creates a durable, low-effort revenue stream that can enhance customer lifetime value (CLV) and retention.

Integration Capabilities

  • Import Contacts - Send contacts to White Swan directly from your Wealthbox dashboard.

  • Search Contacts - From within your White Swan dashboard, you can search your contacts in Wealthbox and import them into White Swan.

  • Start a Plan Request - Start a plan request for a contact imported from Wealthbox. The request will be pre-filled with any relevant information you already store in Wealthbox.

  • Notifications - Notes are automatically posted to Wealthbox for plan requests, case progress, and earnings events.

Our Wealthbox integration enables you to instantly tap into several pre-configured capabilities that enhance both your experience and that of your clients. It is however possible to further tailor the life insurance you offer through White Swan by using our embedding functionalities, our Zapier integration, and our public API.

Additional Customization

If there's a specific functionality you'd like to see added to our Wealthbox integration, please request it here. You may also leverage White Swan's Public API and/or Zapier integration for limitless capabilities.

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