Tracking Cases

White Swan ensures complete transparency and control over the cases you refer. Here's how you can effortlessly track and manage them:

  • Dashboard Overview: Every case channeled through your account is meticulously tracked and can be accessed via your dashboard. This centralized system ensures you're always in the loop.

  • Case Page Insights: Dive into the specifics of each case on its dedicated page. Here, you'll find vital details like the current status, the requested information, the personal plan(s) recommended, the associated account user, and the client details.

For users on the Digital Agent Plan and the Innovator Plan, case pages can also be used to create custom quotes, access applications, request secure data, and see details like policy number, case timeline, policy parties, and request data.

  • Communication & Support: The case page isn't just for monitoring; it's also a hub for action. From here, you can easily communicate with the success manager assigned to the case and adjust the communication settings as per your preference.

  • Privacy First: While we strive to provide comprehensive insights, certain case information is omitted. This is in line with our commitment to uphold privacy standards and adhere to data regulations.

  • Automation & Updates: Stay ahead with real-time case updates. These updates can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow using our Zapier Triggers and sWebhooks, enabling automations that further streamline your operations.

With White Swan's tracking capabilities, you're not just referring cases; you can also be actively involved in their journey, ensuring the best outcomes for your clients.

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