Best-Interest Philosophy

At White Swan, our guiding principle is clear: to always recommend and design solutions that maximize the results of our clients through an unmatched carrier & product coverage and a sophisticated approach to product selection and design. Our advice is never influenced by our own potential earnings; instead, we optimize our recommendations to maximize the benefits for our clients.

Given our comprehensive offering of every available policy type, our partnerships with top life insurance carriers, and our data-driven approach bolstered by deep industry expertise, our best-interest philosophy truly sets us apart in the market.

Contrasting White Swan with Other Providers:

  1. Single or Limited-Carrier Providers: Some providers work exclusively with one, or just a handful of insurance carriers. The limitation here is clear: no single carrier offers the most competitive product for every customer segment. Working with such providers may subject clients to:

    • Less than optimal pricing or health rating.

    • Restrictions on coverage amounts or product features.

    • Limited policy type options.

  2. Instant Issue Product Providers: While the allure of instant issue products is the swift underwriting and issuance process, it often comes with trade-offs. Working with providers who exclusively offer these products may subject clients to:

    • Higher pricing due to the convenience factor.

    • Limited coverage amounts.

    • Reduced flexibility in product options.

  3. Providers Lacking Expertise or with Ulterior Motives: The principal-agent issue is prevalent in the insurance industry. Some providers, despite having access to a range of carriers and products, may prioritize their own earnings over the client's best interests in selecting and designing solutions for their clients. Others might lack the expertise to properly selecting and designing policies, and inadvertently place their clients with a less than optimal solution. This may subject clients to:

    • Suboptimal product selection and design.

    • Misaligned advice that doesn't truly cater to the client's needs.

White Swan's Distinction: While other providers may be constrained by a limited selection or may not always act in the best interests of their clients, White Swan is different. Our expansive carrier and product selection, combined with our unwavering commitment to our clients' best interests, ensures that our partners and their clients always receive optimal solutions tailored to their unique needs.

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