Underwriting & Issuance

The journey from application to policy issuance involves several steps, with underwriting being a pivotal phase. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect during the underwriting and issuance process with White Swan:

Carrier-Led Underwriting: Underwriting is predominantly conducted by the insurance carriers themselves. It's essential to understand that the underwriting methodologies and timeframes can differ significantly across various carriers.

Varied Underwriting Durations: Depending on the specifics of a case, the underwriting process can be as swift as a single day or extend beyond 90 days.

Your Success Manager, Your Liaison: Throughout the underwriting phase, our client success managers play a crucial role. They act as intermediaries between the insurer's underwriter and the applicant, ensuring smooth communication. Whether it's gathering additional information or scheduling a medical exam, they're there to facilitate the process.

Accelerated Underwriting Programs: We prioritize efficiency. That's why we often collaborate with accelerated underwriting programs. These programs enable a segment of qualifying applicants to breeze through the underwriting process almost instantly. However, some applicants might still need to undergo a comprehensive underwriting review.

Flexibility in Carrier Selection: Sometimes, challenges may arise during underwriting with a specific carrier. In such instances, we're agile. We might pivot and propose an application with an alternative carrier to ensure the best outcome for the applicant.

Seamless Policy Issuance: Once an offer is on the table, our success managers guide clients through the final steps. From setting up premium payments to e-signing essential documents, they ensure a hassle-free policy issuance and delivery experience.

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