Client Experience

White Swan's platform is meticulously designed to strike a balance between power and simplicity. While it's robust enough to cater to the intricate needs of finance professionals, it's also intuitive enough to guide any individual through the insurance journey. From the initial stages of needs analysis to the final steps of policy issuance, we ensure a seamless experience for every user.

Here's a breakdown of the journey:

  1. Policy Type Recommendation Engine: Assists users in pinpointing the ideal plan type tailored to their unique needs, aspirations, and inclinations.

  2. Sample Plan Visualizations: Offers a clear understanding of the potential outcomes of different plan types. Users can gauge the results based on their premium budget or desired death benefit, all derived from real sample plans.

  3. Personal Plan Requests: Facilitates users in swiftly initiating a request for a personalized plan, granting them the flexibility for in-depth customizations.

  4. Personal Plans: We simplify traditionally complex insurance illustration documents by extracting pivotal information and presenting it in a user-friendly interface. This allows users to effortlessly comprehend the nuances of various plans and make informed comparisons between them.

  5. Applications: Learn how we streamline the application process, ensuring users can apply with utmost ease and efficiency.

  6. Underwriting & Issuance: Details the comprehensive support our platform and dedicated success managers provide during the crucial stages of underwriting and policy issuance.

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