Page Types Overview

White Swan offers a variety of reusable pages for partners which can be used to provide customizable, consistent experiences to your clients and streamline your referral process to help you generate a consistent revenue stream.

There are two types of pages available for partners:

  • General Pages: These pages come equipped with a recommendation engine, allowing clients to access our entire range of policies and find the best fit for their diverse needs.

  • Product Specific Pages: For a more targeted approach, these pages spotlight specific insurance products, guiding clients directly to particular offerings they might be interested in.

Both the General and Product Specific pages can be categorized as:

  • Personal Pages: These pages can be customized on an individual team member basis to create a more personal touch that can resonate with their unique client base or approach.

  • Company Pages: Crafted for a broader audience, these pages reflect your brand's ethos and can be customized by account admins to ensure a unified brand presentation.

Furthermore, every page is intrinsically linked to a specific team member. This association provides a transparent mechanism to track earnings by team member.

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