Personal Plans

At White Swan, we believe that every individual's insurance needs are unique. That's why our success managers meticulously handpick and design plans by comparing offerings from top-tier insurers. Once a plan is curated, clients receive a direct link via both email and text, granting them access to view their personalized plan.

Security First: Post this stage, we go the extra mile to protect client data. To access the intricate details of the plan, users must authenticate their identity. This can be done by logging into their account or through a two-factor authentication process, ensuring that their personal and financial data remains protected.

Simplified Yet Comprehensive: While every plan comes with a link to the actual insurance illustration document and, for Variable Universal Life, a prospectus, we understand these can be dense and challenging to decipher. To make this easier, we extract the key values from these documents and present them in a user-friendly visual format, similar to the style of our Sample Plan Visualizations. Depending on policy type, users can expect to see:

  • Initial and projected growth of the death benefit

  • Projected growth of the cash value

  • Premium amount

  • Projected retirement income

  • Projected internal rates of return for both cash value and death benefit

  • Detailed breakdown of cash value allocation accounts, including details like:

    • For variable life insurance funds, the fund inception date, average historical return, min/max return, managing institution, fund fee, and morningstar rating

    • For indexed accounts, the floor rate, cap rate, account fee, participation rate, bonus/multiplier, and underlying index

    • For fixed accounts, the current interest rate and the guaranteed minimum interest rate

  • Riders included in the plan along with a description and cost if applicable

Flexibility at Your Fingertips: If users wish to explore alternatives or make modifications, they can effortlessly submit a change request. This feature allows them to contrast and compare different plans, ensuring they find the one that aligns perfectly with their needs.

Guidance Every Step of the Way: If users have questions or need clarifications, they can schedule a call with their dedicated success manager. They're here to answer any queries, assist with plan tweaks, or guide users through the application process.

Timeliness Matters: It's essential to note that the average plan remains valid for 45 days after being sent. This duration ensures users have ample time to make informed decisions without feeling rushed.

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