Quick Start Guide


Integration Setup:

  1. Log in to your White Swan Partner account.

  2. Navigate to the partner integrations page within your White Swan dashboard. This is accessible via the header menu.

  3. Log in to your Zapier account:

    • Through Zapier: Visit Zapier and sign in.

    • From White Swan: From the Zapier widget, select Integrate Through Zapier, then select Log in.

  4. Select + Connect a new account in Zapier. This will display a popup window requesting an API key.

  5. From your White Swan partner integrations page, select View API Key from the Zapier widget and copy the returned API key.

  6. Paste the API key in Zapier to finalize the connection.

Ready, Set, Automate! With your accounts now linked, you're all set to craft a myriad of Zapier automations. To get started, you can build from scratch in Zapier, use our templates, or use the Zapier ChatGPT plugin. We also have some example use cases of how partners can integrate Zapier.

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