Personal Plan Requests

Navigating the intricacies of insurance can be daunting. That's why our Personal Plan Requests are designed to simplify the process, guiding users step-by-step to ensure they get the most suitable policy tailored to their needs. Here's a breakdown of the sections and the questions they encompass:

1. Personal Details: This section gathers essential information about the insured, helping us gauge their underwriting profile and identify the most fitting carrier based on their demographic and health details. Questions in this section include:

  • Location

  • Gender

  • Date of Birth

  • Self-assessed Health Rating

  • Height and Weight

  • Nicotine Product Usage

  • THC Product Usage (in states where medical consumption is legal)

2. Policy Preferences: This section aids in crafting the basic structure of the desired product. The questions here encompass:

  • Death Benefit Amount (with an integrated coverage need calculator)

  • Paid Up Period (eg. one-time payment, payments for a set number of years/until a certain age, or lifelong payments)

  • Term Life Coverage Length (annually renewable or a certain amount of years)

  • Payment Schedule (monthly or annually)

  • Premium Budget

  • Risk Profile (for Variable Universal Life policies, to suggest an appropriate cash value allocation mix)

  • Preference for Expedited Products (allowing users to opt for policies that can be issued in as little as one business day, only shown if the request meets the criteria for these products)

3. Extras: For those who wish to delve deeper into customizing their policy, this section offers advanced options and is completely optional. Some questions may only be asked for certain types of policies. Questions includes:

  • Option to Convert Term Life Plan to a Permanent Policy

  • The Ability to Plan for Higher Premiums in Future (for accumulation-focused plans)

  • One-time Initial Deposit to boost cash value growth or reduce insurance costs over time

  • Customizing Cash Value Accumulation:

    • For Indexed Universal Life: Selection of underlying indexes (domestic/international stock indexes, multi-indexes, managed volatility indexes, or fixed interest accounts). Further customization includes choosing indexed accounts with/without caps and with/without fees.

    • For Variable Universal Life: Allocation options span index funds (domestic, international, emerging markets), specialty funds (technology, real estate, utilities, energy, healthcare), bond funds (high yield, long term, inflation-protected), and downside protected accounts (fixed interest and indexed accounts).

  • Rider Selection: Options include long term care, child insurance, supplemental term, paid up additions, return of premium, charitable benefit, overloan protection, guaranteed insurability, and more.

  • Retirement Income Planning: Allows users to plan for drawing retirement income from the policy starting from a specific age and for a designated duration.

Throughout the request process, users are supported by educational content that demystifies complex insurance topics. Tooltips are available for those seeking deeper insights, ensuring that every user, regardless of their prior knowledge, feels confident in their choices.

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