Start Personal Plan Request

This action can be used to start a new customized plan request for an end-user. It will return a URL which you can link to or embed in your website/app to allow the end-user or someone on your team to finish the request.

Any information provided in the input of this action will skip the corresponding question in the plan request. This action can also be used to standardize choices and package life insurance offerings for the end-user.

If Main Goal and Policy Type is provided with this action, the returned URL will go straight to the personal plan request. If either the Main Goal or the Policy Type is not provided, the returned URL will go to the plan recommendation engine.

Input Fields:

When using the input to customize cash value allocations for variable universal life, bear in mind that percentages are defined on two levels - overall category allocation, and specific category component allocation. As an example for this, a 50% allocation to Overall Index Funds and a 50% allocation to S&P 500 Index Funds would result in an actual allocation of 25% to S&P 500 Index Funds.

Output fields:

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