Instant vs Custom Quotes

Two types of quotes can be processed through the White Swan platform - instant quotes, and custom quotes.

Instant Quotes

Instant quotes are available through integrations and can be provided for any retail policy type to show quotes instantly when requested by a client.

Instant quotes can produce quotes for products from more than 30 carriers, but can also be configured to be carrier or product specific.

Custom Quotes

Custom quotes can be created for any policy from any carrier, allowing clients to access options that aren't available through instant quotes.

These quotes can be used to create quotes for any life insurance solution from any carrier.

The creation of custom quotes are led by the servicing agent on each case, and will generally not be instantly available to the client during the session they make their original request.

For users on the Digital Agent Plan and the Innovator Plan, sending custom quotes is available through case pages under case tools.

Comparison & Optimal Use Case

There are advantages and disadvantages to both instant and custom quotes.

While instant quotes provide the benefit of being available quickly and with no work for the agent, they do not cover every single policy alternative which may need the client with the wrong solution for their needs.

Instant quotes generally work the best for term and protection oriented policies, and less well for more complex permanent policies or accumulation oriented solutions.

While custom quotes provide the benefit of allowing clients to access quotes for any policy and empowers the agent to design the optimal solution for the client, they do take time to produce for the agent and is not available within one session for the client.

Custom quotes are generally recommended for larger and more complex solutions. This is especially true as they allow you to visualize some data that isn't available through instant quotes, for example internal rate of returns(IRRs), cash value allocations, and retirement income.

Ultimately, instant quotes and custom quotes can be used together to first provide your client with an initial idea of the results they could expect and then to get to work off that to create them a custom quote that gets the sale closed.

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