Start a Plan Request

Before you start a plan request, please import your contact from Wealthbox. You can import by following the steps from the Import Contact From Wealthbox or Search Wealthbox Contacts in White Swan articles. You can also review Previously Imported Contacts from the Wealthbox integration widget.

  1. After importing a contact, select Start a Plan Request.

  2. If known, select the Goal (Accumulation or Protection) and Policy Type for the plan request. If not known, the plan request will show our plan recommender which takes goals and preferences into consideration to recommend a plan. Select Continue.

  3. Identify who should receive follow-up communication related to this request: You, your client, or both. Select Start Request. Please wait patiently as your request is processed - you will receive a success message when your request is ready.

  4. After your initial request is ready, there are two options to complete your request:

    • If you will complete the request on behalf of your client, select Fill Request Myself, which will open the request in a new tab where you can complete any remaining questions so the success manager can tailor the policy to your client’s preferences.

    • If your client will be completing the request, select Send to Client. From the popup, you can select Copy Link and share the link with your client. You can also share the link via Email and/or Text directly from the popup.

  5. After you or your client completes the request, the success manager will design a custom personal plan and help your client through the rest of the end-user experience.

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