General Company Settings

Navigating and customizing the White Swan platform to align with your company's preferences is straightforward and user-friendly:

  1. Accessing General Settings: To begin, head over to the 'General Settings' option available in the header menu. This centralized location offers a range of general settings for partners.

  2. Personal and Company Information: Update or modify essential details with ease. Whether it's personal information or company-specific data, the platform ensures your records are always up-to-date.

  3. Co-Branding Toggle: Enhance the user experience by integrating your brand identity. Toggle the co-branding option on or off as per your preference for the pages and cases associated with your account.

  4. Policy Type Selection: White Swan offers a wide range of policy types to cater to varied client needs. While we recommend keeping all policy types active, partners have the flexibility to deactivate certain policy types they don't want to offer to their clients. For instance, some partners opt to exclude Variable Universal Life and Private Placement Life due to not being licensed to receive compensation for these products. For a deeper dive into this, you can read Licensing Considerations.

  5. User Management: Expand your team's access to the platform by inviting more users. Not only can you add members, but you can also define their permission levels, ensuring each user has the right access for their role.

  6. Licensing and Payment Information: For partners who've activated earnings, the platform provides an option to update licensing details and payment information. This ensures seamless transactions and adherence to regulatory requirements.

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