Concierge Plan

The concierge plan is the easiest way for any business to offer life insurance, where White Swan affiliated agents manage all quoting, applications, processing, and servicing for you.


This plan is free to use and allows you to completely outsource your life insurance operations to White Swan affiliated agents.


If you want to, you can create a revenue stream through sharing in the commissions that is paid for cases that you refer. To better understand the earnings structure for this plan, you can check out the Earnings section of our documentation.


With the concierge plan, all you need to do is marketing.

Since it is a fully outsourced solution, we will handle all steps of the sales process including client conversations, custom cases and quoting, follow up, application and underwriting processing, delivery processes, in-force servicing, and policy exchanges when needed.

Who this plan is for

The concierge plan is the preferred choice for companies who want to offer life insurance with as low effort as possible, and without having to run their own insurance agency.

Generally, these types of company's enjoy the concierge plan:

  • Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers

  • Banks

  • P&C Agencies

  • Fintechs

  • Affiliate Marketers

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