Custom Cases

White Swan's custom cases works much like your reusable pages, but are unique for each case, and offers a tailored approach to referring clients. Here's a closer look at how custom cases function and the flexibility they bring:

  • Initiation: Custom cases can be started in multiple ways. Whether you prefer to start them manually via the dashboard or automate the process through our Zapier Create Actions or Public API Action Calls, the choice is yours (both of the actions 'Starting a new request' and 'Submitting a complete request' will create a new custom case).

  • Customization: Just like our standard pages, custom cases come with a wide array of customization options to ensure the experience aligns with your brand and client's expectations. Custom cases initiated through the 'Start a New Request' with Zapier or our API allows for further customization by allowing you to pre-answer questions in the plan request which will be skipped by users in those custom cases.

  • Filling Out: The flexibility of custom cases extends to who fills them out. Whether it's a member of your team or the client themselves, the process remains seamless. Sharing a link to the custom case with your client is straightforward, ensuring they can access and complete it with ease.

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