Using Embed + API/Zapier

The White Swan embedded experience is designed for adaptability. Using our API and/or Zapier integration, you can customize any plan request experience and use the returned URL in your embed.

Example Customizations:

  • Tailor Plan Requests: You can cater to specific scenarios by exclusively offering expedited products, specific policy types, and more. Provide answers to any personal plan question to skip this question for the end-user.

  • Turbo-Mode Configuration: Configure the request to be in turbo-mode to bypass the entire extras section.

  • Pre-fill Client Data: Pre-fill requests with information you already possess, such as contact details, gender, and date of birth. These question are then skipped, expediting the request process for your client.

To go the extra mile in leveraging existing client data to make the experience more convenient for the client, you can additionally use the Create Pre-Fill Information action on Zapier or in our API to pre-fill information in end-users applications.

How to Embed Customized URLs

  1. When setting up the API Call: Start Personal Plan Request (or comparable action in Zapier), set the Embed URL parameter to true .

  2. The action/call will return a unique URL. In your White Swan embed code, the UNIQUE URL should be replaced with the unique URL returned from the action/call.

<iframe src="UNIQUE URL" id="WhiteSwanIframe" style="width:100vw;min-width:100%;min-height:100vh" loading="eager" allowfullscreen></iframe>
<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">
  1. Dynamically inserting the unique URL will vary based on your tech stack. For developers, our API provides a straightforward route. For Zapier users, your website builder may have a Zapier integration or a method to transfer data from another Zapier app into your website environment.

If you're uncertain about building this integration, consider consulting with ChatGPT, a developer familiar with your tech stack, or get in touch with the White Swan for Partners team for assistance.

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