White Labeling

The White Swan platform can be white labeled in several ways.

White Label Logo

You can choose to have the platform white-labeled with your own logo or co-branded with the White Swan logo and your company name.

You can activate the logo white labeling of the platform during the onboarding or through the general settings page under the company settings section.

White Label Embed

When you embed a quick quote flow or a guided flow you can customize the colors and fonts to fit your brand for a seamless experience.

To do this, you can configure the embed settings, which can be found in the popup that shows when you embed a page from the dashboard.

When you embed the quick quote flow, only the font can be white labeled, as this flow is contained within a single box that is a small element which you can fit on any landing page or product page.

When you embed the guided flow, you can additionally white label the background color to match the environment in which you embed.

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