Integrate With CRMs

A well-organized CRM is pivotal for your sales and marketing teams to achieve optimal results. Through Zapier, integrating White Swan with popular CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Pipedrive is a breeze. For a comprehensive list of CRMs that Zapier integrates with, click here.

Here are a couple of example integrations to get you started:

Automatically Add White Swan Leads to Your CRM Ensure that no potential lead goes unnoticed. Whenever a lead comes through one of your White Swan pages or custom cases, you can automate its addition to your CRM. Here's a template that demonstrates this integration with Pipedrive. This template utilizes the New Plan Request Started trigger to search for a contact in your CRM. If the contact isn't found, it creates a new one using the information from the trigger.

Stay Updated on Client Activity Equip your sales team with real-time information about client activities within your White Swan account. This template showcases how you can create notes in your CRM based on any trigger from White Swan, ensuring your team is always in the loop.

Enhance Client Application Experience with Pre-filled Applications Offer a seamless application experience by pre-filling fields using data from your CRM. This not only saves your clients' time but also ensures accuracy. Here's a template that demonstrates this integration. It uses the New Plan Request Started trigger to search for a corresponding contact in your CRM. Once found, it uses the Create Pre-Fill Information action, leveraging data from your CRM. This automation ensures clients don't have to re-enter information you already possess, streamlining the application process.

With these integrations, you can ensure that your CRM and White Swan work in tandem, optimizing both your internal processes and your clients' experiences.

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