Sharing Pages

White Swan's platform is designed to make sharing insurance offerings with your clients as seamless and versatile as possible. Here's how you can share pages with clients:

  • Direct Link Sharing: Easily copy the page link from your dashboard and incorporate it into your website, emails, or other communication channels.

  • Email Sharing: With just a few clicks in the dashboard, you can directly send the page to your client's email, with a templated language that you can optionally customize.

  • Text Sharing: For a more immediate touchpoint, share the page directly with your client via text message with a templated language that you can optionally customize.

  • Social Media Sharing: Amplify your reach by sharing the page on social media platforms. Our dashboard provides templated posts to make the process smoother for you.

  • Embedding: Elevate your client's experience by embedding the page directly onto your website. With customizable styling options, you can ensure that the page aligns perfectly with your brand, providing clients with a seamlessly integrated experience.

By offering multiple sharing avenues, White Swan ensures that you can connect with your clients in the manner most convenient and effective for both you and them.

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